In 2016, the City of Appleton began conducting a 5-year update to its 2010-2030 Comprehensive Plan, which includes updates to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Chapter 18) and a full re-write of the City’s Downtown Plan (Chapter 14).  Monthly Steering Committee meetings, workshops, walking and bicycle tours, presentations, and open houses were held over 11 months offering numerous opportunities for public input, in addition to this interactive website at allowing for on-line comments. 

A Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide the growth and development of a community.  It is a long range plan, addressing current issues while also looking beyond to future issues and opportunities with the City. It includes analysis, recommendations and implementation strategies which will impact a community’s population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities, recreation-open space, and land use. A Comprehensive Plan establishes a vision for future land use, physical development, and quality of life in the City, as well as provides a comprehensive set of goals, policies and initiatives to achieve that vision.

A public hearing was held at the February 6, 2017 City Plan Commission meeting for the proposed City of Appleton Comprehensive Plan 2010-2030 Text and Future Land Use Map Amendments.  The Comprehensive Plans was adopted by the Common Council on March 15, 2017. 

Subsequent to the new Plan adoption, the City is now proposing the creation of two new Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Districts in Downtown.  Details about the proposed TIF Districts, the boundaries and timing for creation can be found online at the Community & Economic Development Department's page.  

Copies of the proposed Future Land Use Map and Text Amendments to Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Background, Chapter 3: Community Vision, Chapter 4: Issues and Opportunities, Chapter 5: Housing and Neighborhoods, Chapter 6: Transportation, Chapter 7: Utilities and Community Facilities, Chapter 8: Agriculture, Natural, Historic and Cultural Resources, Chapter 9: Economic Development, Chapter 10: Land Use, Chapter 11: Intergovernmental Cooperation, Chapter 12: Implementation, Chapter 14: Downtown Plan, and Chapter 18: Park and Recreation Master Plan are available for viewing below.

Any questions regarding this matter should be directed to Monica Stage or David Kress in the Community and Economic Development Department at (920) 832-6468.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Background

Chapter 3: Community Vision

Appendix for Chapter 3: Public Participation Summary

Chapter 4: Issues and Opportunities

Chapter 5: Housing and Neighborhoods and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapters 1-5

Chapter 6: Transportation and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Utilities and Community Facilities and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapter 7

Chapter 8:  Agriculture, Natural, Historic and Cultural Resources and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapter 8

Chapter 9: Economic Development and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Land Use and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapter 10

Future Land Use Map

Future Land Use Map (Annotated to Show Changes)

Chapter 11: Intergovernmental Cooperation and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Implementation and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapter 12

Chapter 14: Downtown Plan and Executive Summary

Appendix for Chapter 14: Appleton Downtown Market Analysis and Appendices

Appendix for Chapter 14: Appendix Funding Programs

Appendix for Chapter 14: Past Planning Efforts

Appendix for Chapter 14: Performance Benchmarks

Appendix for Chapter 14: Public Participation Summary

Appendix for Chapter 14: State of the Downtown Report

Chapter 18: Park and Recreation Master Plan and Summary Memo on Key Updates to Chapter 18

No amendments are proposed for the following chapters.  However, the formatting for these chapters was modified to align with the updates made to other chapters.

Chapter 13: Fox River Corridor Plan

Chapter 15: Wisconsin Avenue Corridor Plan

Chapter 16: Richmond Street Corridor Plan

Chapter 17: South Oneida Street Corridor Plan


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