DRAFT Appleton Comprehensive Plan  Update Schedule

Project website
PP plan complete
Begin data gathering
Deliverables: Draft website up; Public Participation Plan; Meeting Summaries
Steering Committee Meeting – introduction; roles and responsibilities; explanation of process
Presentation to Plan Commission (22nd) 
Private sector focus groups (RR)
Downtown plan review meeting (RR)
Begin updating elements (all)
Staff/consultant level gap analysis evaluation of existing conditions/goals/objectives/policies for each element (what’s been completed; what is on-going; where are there gaps)
Key stakeholder interviews (1/2)
Deliverables: Meeting summaries; Gap Analysis; E-newsletter
Steering committee meeting – public participation support
Key stakeholder interviews (1/2)
ADI Annual Meeting (15th)
Meeting no 1 with Park and Rec Committee to develop CORP
On-line survey
Begin updating elements
Issues and Opportunities Workshops (2-3) – Northside; Southside; Downtown
Arts, History Focus Group
Outline downtown manifesto
Deliverables: Meeting Summaries; Survey; Workshop Summaries; Draft Downtown Vision & Guiding Principles

Steering committee meeting – present mocked up elements based on staff, consultant review & public participation
Downtown committee meeting – review/discuss workshop results; Downtown Manifesto outline
Neighborhood meetings, informal input
Community tour
Evaluate existing goals/objectives
Prepare for Downtown charrette/workshop including identification of key redevelopment sites
Deliverables: Tour Photos; Meeting Summaries; E-newsletter; Market Study Report; Downtown Forces & Issues Diagram; Base Mapping
Steering committee meeting – review & discuss updated goals, objectives, policies for each element
Update Parks/Rec Plan
Design charrette (optional)
Topical lectures
Preferred Future Land Use
Draft updates to Introduction, Background, Community Vision and Issues and Opportunities, Housing (partial) Elements
Updated Goals/Objectives/Policies – All Elements
Deliverables: Draft Element Updates; E-Newsletter: Meeting Summaries

Steering committee meeting – review/comment on draft element updates (below)
Downtown committee meeting – review charrette/workshop results
Draft updates to Transportation (partial), Utilities and Community Facilities (partial), Resources (partial), Economic Development (partial), Land Use (partial) Elements
Draft Downtown Manifesto including redevelopment opportunities; urban design analysis (EA); transportation recommendations
Draft Park and Rec Plan
Deliverables: Draft Park and Rec Plan; Draft Downtown Manifesto including Placemaking Alternatives and Redevelopment Concepts
Steering committee meeting
Downtown committee meeting – review draft downtown chapter
Draft updates to Intergovernmental Cooperation and Implementation Elements
Add Public Input
Meeting No 2 with Park and Rec Committee to review/approve CORP
Deliverables: Draft Element Updates; E-Newsletter: Meeting Summaries; Downtown Manifesto; 

Steering committee meeting – implementation plan review
Downtown committee meeting – review/discuss implementation
Implementation Plan
Complete first draft of Comprehensive Plan update
Poster Plan
Deliverables: First Draft Comprehensive Plan Update & Poster; E-Newsletter; Meeting Summaries

Steering committee meeting – implementation plan review
Downtown committee meeting – review/discuss implementation
Draft open house
Deliverables: E-Newsletter: Meeting Summaries; Poster Boards

Steering committee meeting
Final open house
PC meeting presentation and recommendation
ADI Board presentation and recommendation
Deliverables: Meeting Summaries

Steering committee meeting
PC meeting presentation
City council meeting
Deliverables: Meeting Summaries