The City of Appleton sought consulting services to complete an in-depth rewrite of the Downtown Plan, Chapter 14 of the City's Comprehensive Plan ("Downtown Plan"), and complete the Five-Year Comprehensive Plan updates to the overall City Comprehensive Plan ("Plan") including the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

The Downtown Plan was originally developed in 2007; however, it was incorporated as Chapter 14 of the City's Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in 2010. The adopted Downtown Plan rewrite is intended to inform public policy and help to guide and build on the physical, natural, cultural and social assets including the volunteer efforts that drive Downtown's role as the heart of the city. Appleton Downtown, Inc. (ADI) will be the City's partner in this process.

Downtown Appleton is the heart of the Fox Valley and as an Arts and Entertainment district, the Downtown has embraced the creative economic energy of business, tourism, education and love of the Fox River. Downtown's resurgence and increased vibrancy has drawn recent praise, with College Avenue being named oneof the Great Places in America by the American Planning Association in 2014. Despite these accolades, strategic and ongoing investment in Downtown remains a top priority for the City. Rewriting the Downtown Plan is a critical step in this process.

The Appleton Downtown Plan Sub Committee and project partners Appleton Downtown Incorporated (ADI) will be guiding preparation of the Downtown Plan.